Here, you're right in the centre of Europe! Make the most of this great location, and give yourself and your CV an international slant: participate in the World Forum for Democracy, attend debates at the Council of Europe or at the European Parliament, or cross the Rhine to brush up on your German


  • Espace Avenir de l'Université de Strasbourg
    The career guidance and development centre of the University of Strasbourg guides your decision-making process regarding your studies and your searches for work placements and jobs. Meet with the advisers of the Espace Avenir, who will help you clarify your plans and find answers to your questions, and consult the multimedia documentation that is carefully selected and updated on a daily basis.
  • NoriaSphere
  • A fun platform for choosing your career path. You'll find everything you need to find information and inspiration when you don't know where to start looking: a webTV, testimonials, challenges... various tools to help you in your orientation.
  • Mission Locale pour l'emploi 
    The Local Employment Mission welcomes, informs and orients young people (16-25 years old) and adult beneficiaries of the RSA work welfare benefit who are experiencing difficulties in their social and professional integration, and orients their integration process in order to facilitate their access to lasting employment.
  • L'Apec (l'agence pour l'emploi des cadres)
    If you are a recent graduate, you can go to the APEC to get information on the labour market, advice and tailored services to prepare your job search and get in contact with companies.
  • Centre d'information et d'orientation (CIO) 
  • ONISEP Alsace
    ONISEP Alsace provides career guidance information in the school district of Strasbourg.
  • ORESIPE (Observatoire régional de l'enseignement supérieur et de l'insertion professionnelle des étudiants)
    The ORESIPE (Regional Observatory of Higher Education and Professional Integration of Students) works for the University of Strasbourg and the University of Haute Alsace, in collaboration with the Office of the Rector, to provide support for students' career orientation and pathways.
  • AFIJ (Association pour Faciliter l'Insertion professionnelle des Jeunes diplômés)
    The association helps you get access to employment through actions in the field, and provides all the necessary tools: offers of employment from the ANPE job centre and other organisations, as well as notifications of competitive exams, media, encounters, and more. A self-access documentation centre provides valuable help.
  • La CCI de Strasbourg et du Bas Rhin (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie) 

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) helps businesses find the skills they need, and helps young people find employment. "Point A" of the CCI of Strasbourg and the Bas-Rhin can provide you with information and career guidance, if you would like to learn more about different lines of business and about the apprenticeship system.


The Service de la vie universitaire - Mission handicap is there to answer your questions about specific support for further study if you have a disability.

The government has also developed a dedicated website: Mon Parcours Handicap, which is an information, guidance and service platform for people with disabilities and their families.

  • Atouts pour tous is a scheme for the professional integration of students with disabilities.


  • Les JU (Journées des Universités et des formations post-bac)
    Since 1977, the Journées des Universités, or University Days, have been an occasion for meeting and talking with teachers and students about post-secondary education. It's the perfect opportunity to discover and choose a programme from more than 500 that are presented by about 130 exhibitors. With more than 20,000 visitors, the JU event is the place to go for post-secondary education orientation in Alsace.
  • La nuit de l'orientation et du parcours professionnel
    Organised by the CCI of Strasbourg and the Bas Rhin, this event brings together companies and professionals that you can meet to get all of the information and advice you'll need for your orientation or reorientation.


In 2024, registration starts on 17 January!

The admission proposals will arrive from 30th May. 
ParcourSup is 19500 formations including 549 in Alsace. A toll-free number is available for any question 0 800 400 070


The "Mon Master" national information portal allows you to consult the range of courses leading to the national master's degree throughout France.  The national platform for applications to the first year of a Master's programme will open on 29 January 2024.


Students and professionals will answer your questions to help you find out more about training and the professional world, position yourself and define your study project.


This scheme aims to increase the number of young people who benefit from the support of a mentor (student, practising professional or retired), during their school career, in their choice of orientation or in the professional integration phase. The mentor makes his or her experience and networks available for a few hours per month.


To find out all about civic service: the different forms, missions, remuneration, etc...