For your year-round healthcare requirements, refer to our list of key contacts according to your situation and needs, and enrol quickly for student health insurance (sécurité sociale étudiante) for all of your reimbursements. You will also find many treatment and prevention centres in Strasbourg, including a university hospital and several clinics.


Consult the map of screening centres near you, the steps to take and what to do at the first signs on the Agence Régionale de la Santé website.

If you need a sympathetic ear and have questions about sexuality, prevention and health, you can consult the Fil Santé Jeunes website or the onsexprime website

Free condoms for under-26s

Male condoms are free for under-26s and since 1 January 2024, female condoms have been free for under-26s (certain brands only). Find out more here


Signing up with the "sécurité sociale" healthcare system is mandatory. This will enable you to be reimbursed for some of your medical expenses. Taking out a mutual insurance plan will enable you to supplement these refunds.

Since 31 August 2019, students no longer have a specific social security scheme.
See the "students: your coverage" page dedicated to students on the health insurance website.


La Mutuelle Générale de l'Éducation Nationale provides general and specialised consultations for all insured persons. The centre also offers laboratory testing.


Le Service de santé universitaire - centre de médecine préventive offers consultations free of charge to all students of Strasbourg University and associated schools (Engees, Ensas, Hear, Insa).


Le CAMUS Le Centre d'Accueil Médico-psychologique Universitaire de Strasbourg or university medical-psychological centre, provides psychological counselling and support free of charge to all university students, as well as all adults who are currently enrolled students, such as high school students, students of post-secondary schools other than the university, distance learners with the CNED, etc.


For young people up to the age of 21 (or their parents): if you have any questions about your schooling, courses, family relations, romantic and sexual relationships, diet, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, as well as anxiety, phobias or suicidal thoughts, you will find someone to talk to.

Consult the page dedicated to the Maison des Adolescents


If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction (tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, etc.), you will find a list of resources on the website.


If you are a victim, a relative of a victim or a professional, a national helpline exists: 3919 to provide help and support (anonymous and free call). You can also contact the "Mission Droits des Femmes et Egalité de Genre" by phone 03 68 98 51 04 and by email: more information on their facebook page: mdf.strasbourg

Emergency: 17 by phone or 114 by SMS to contact the police, SAMU and fire brigade

Victims' Advice Centre at the Police Station - 03 90 23 16 79
SOS Aide aux Habitants - France Victimes - 03 88 79 79 30
VIADUQ 67 - France Victimes - 03 88 28 57 62
CIDFF - 03 88 32 03 22
SOS Femmes Solidarité 03 88 24 06 06
La Station, LGBT centre 09 50 51 13 29
The University of Strasbourg's page with information on what to do if you are a victim or witness of sexist violence or sexual harassment (and a reminder of the law) 

Nightline : Student support

If you're looking for psychological support but are unsure where to turn, and if you're a student, there may be free resources available to you. Fill in the fields below to discover the free psychological support services offered at your higher education institution, nearby, and in the languages of your preference.


This centre offers local services to all comers. It is approved and under contract with the French national healthcare system. General medical care, dental care, orthodontic care and implants, hearing aids, as well as marriage and family counselling, etc. by appointment only.

Consult the website of La Mutualité Française Alsace


"Changeons les règles" is an initiative aimed at assisting residents in their transition to zero waste by offering them the opportunity to participate in workshops.

There are two types of free workshops with registration available here

Discovery workshops with the distribution of a complimentary kit (underwear, menstrual cup, or cloth pads).
Sewing workshops (open to all levels, including beginners): where you can transform your regular underwear into menstrual underwear or create your own cloth pad and take your production home.
New dates are regularly added.

Additionally, there are year-round zero waste workshops available on the same link, covering topics such as cloth diapering, natural cleaning, creating reused objects, and zero waste for health.

More information here


You can find further information regarding the available social services in Strasbourg below:


Open nonstop – from 8 pm to 8 am; 03 69 55 33 33
Urgent care (Asum ): 0800 713 636
SOS médecins : 03 88 75 75 75
On-call paediatricians: 03 88 24 35 58 (week-end et jours fériés de 9h à 21h ; samedi de 13h à 21h)
Poison control centre : 03 88 37 37 37
On-duty pharmacies : 3237 (0,34€ par minute) /
SOS mains : 03 88 67 44 01
SOS Ambulance : 08 00 648 201

SOS Femmes Enceintes : 03 88 56 33 88


Consult the list of hospitals and clinics in Strasbourg.


Santé Psy Étudiants is changing! This scheme allows you to benefit from free sessions with a psychologist. You can get up to 8 sessions without having to renew after 3 sessions. Extension until 31 August 2022. More info here