Associations - Vie citoyenne

Civic Engagement

Would you like to get involved? There's no shortage of associations in Strasbourg! Here are a few ways you can be active and make a difference in the world around you.



There are many very dynamic student associations in the local area. Some specialize in organising events and activities relating to the cinema, such as La cigogne enragée, sustainable development, such as Campus Vert Strasbourg, welcoming international students, such as ESN Strasbourg, music, such as the Orchestre Universitaire de Strasbourg or theatre, such as l'ARTUS.

The AFGES, an umbrella association for students in Alsace, also represents about twenty local associations.

La Maison des associations

This is a place for meeting, talking, thinking and advising, with the goal of promoting and facilitating life for local associations.


The Discrimination Prevention Centre of the City of Strasbourg includes numerous actors of the local area and publishes a directory of associations that are active in this area.



Youth Council

In Strasbourg, local democracy means letting everyone have access to the public debate, consensus-seeking and exchange. The Youth Council enables young people in Strasbourg to make their voices heard.

The CRE (Council of Foreign Residents)

Since February 2009, the CRE has been a place for proposals and debates, to get foreign residents involved in the city's decision-making process, help fight racism and promote the right to political discourse for everyone in Strasbourg.

Neighbourhood Council

Neighbourhood councils are a forum for debate enabling a neighbourhood's inhabitants, associations and actors to give their opinions on neighbourhood projects and also to make proposals to the City to improve everyday life.

Civic Service

Civic Service is volunteer work serving the public interest, open to all young people ages 16 to 25, with no diploma requirement.