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All about cycling: tips and tricks

All about cycling: tips and tricks

Maintaining and repairing your bike

There are several low-cost solutions for repairing a bicycle:

- Self-service tool stations and terminals in town to repair your bike. More informations here.

- Self-service tool stations and terminals in town to repair your bike:  A’Cro du vélo, Bretz’selle,  Le Stick, Vélostation, or Schilyclette.

And for the less manual cyclists, it is still important to have your bike serviced regularly by a bike shop.

Obligations when cycling

Attention, les infractions à vélo sont passibles d’une amende de 135€. Ce qu'il faut respecter à vélo : 

-    To have functional brakes at the front and rear,

-    A retro-reflective waistcoat if you ride outside built-up areas, at night, or when visibility is poor,

-    A yellow or white light at the front and a red light at the back,

-   Retro-reflective devices in red at the rear, white or yellow at the front, orange on the sides and on the pedals,

-    A audible warning device,

-    A marking or engraving when purchasing a bike to facilitate identification in case of theft. For older bikes, we recommend that you do this. More information on how to get your bike marked in Strasbourg. 

- Prohibition of wearing headphones, earphones or headphones in the ear,

- A ban on holding a telephone in the hand,

- A ban on cycling with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.25 mg/l of exhaled air.

And for more information and recommendations on bicycle lighting, visit FUB's November campaign page « Cyclistes, brillez ». Plus d'infos ici. 

Some other tips for cycling

- In winter, watch out for slippery ground on some metal surfaces and ice.

- Wear rain gear and cold weather gear (rain cape and gloves).

- Avoid carrying heavy bags on one side of the bike; you may lose your balance.

- Don't forget other road users, especially pedestrians. To ensure good cohabitation in crowded pedestrian areas, don't hesitate to get off your bike and push it or park it directly.

Parking your bike

Some tips on how to park your bike properly: 

- Secure it with a good padlock on the bike racks provided for this purpose

- Park in free bike parks accessible with a Badgeo card. All the info here. 

And if your bike is stolen, you can file a pre-complaint online via this link and also check if it has been found by the police on their dedicated website here