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The world student night 2021 in Strasbourg

The world student night 2021 in Strasbourg

A welcome event organised by many actors of Strasbourg student life

This welcome evening, developed at national level by the Association of French University Towns (AVUF), was co-organised by the City & Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and the Crous de Strasbourg, with the support of Campus France and the University of Strasbourg and in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Strasbourg.

A rich programme of events 

At the Resto U 

This year, 350 students from 62 countries were invited to share a convivial meal, with table service and a discovery menu prepared by the Crous de Strasbourg catering teams, in a room that had been decorated for the occasion.
Words of welcome were given by the Director General of the Crous de Strasbourg, Lina Rustom, and by the Vice-President for Europe and International Relations of the University of Strasbourg, Prof. Irini Tsamadou-Jacoberger, in the presence of the Regional Delegate for the Grand Est and Franche Comté regions of Campus France, Agnès Laronze, and the representative of the Mayor and President of the Eurometropole of Strasbourg, Guillaume Libsig.

Members of the ESN Strasbourg Association met the guests to encourage dialogue between students.
Artists from Burn'n'Light (who performed light and fire animations) and Helena Phenix, a singer and guitarist, performed to punctuate the different moments of the meal. Then to lead them to the second place of the evening, they guided the walk on stilts.

At the Town Hall 

On arrival at the Town Hall, the students discovered a magnificent light art installation by PIX315.

A welcome speech was given at the Town Hall by Guillaume Libsig, Deputy Mayor in charge of associations, urban animation, events policy, Strasbourg Christmas Capital, youth policy and popular education.

The speech was followed by a colourful French Cancan show produced by the artists of the Clandestine Luna Moka School.

Members of the ESN Strasbourg Association proposed a bingo game and set up a wall of expression for the students and encouraged them to participate in the animations and to circulate in the corridors of the Town Hall.
The students were able to take a trip back in time with the members of the Banana Impro collective in period costumes who performed numerous theatrical interventions on the 1st floor of the Town Hall.

Photo activities were offered at the Resto U' and at the Town Hall (photobooth and period camera with all kinds of accessories).
A game on the theme of daily eco-gestures with the Chambre de Consommation d'Alsace et du Grand-Est allowed students to answer questions related to current social and environmental issues, and to identify locally existing solutions. The winners were able to leave with gifts in line with these issues: water bottles, bulk bags, notebooks, practical recipes, masks and totebags.

In the last part of the evening, the students enjoyed a concert by the band Laventure with pop rock and soul influences. 

Programme of the evening 
Information document on the next events to come 

See you next year for the 6th edition!