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Strasbourg, the French capital of cycling

Strasbourg, the French capital of cycling

Renting a bike for the academic year
Did you know that you can rent a fully equipped and secure bicycle, a Vélhop, at a reduced rate as a student, for a few months (quarterly subscription at 28 €) or the academic year at 42 € and for scholarship students, it's only 10 € for 10 months!

Bike sales
You can buy your bike from bicycle dealers in the area, a list of which can be found here as well as information on aid. Also think of the reuse structures that offer second-hand bikes, for example Emmaus Montagne Verte , Meli Melo  or Savoir et compétences emploi  ... 
Throughout the year, bike fairs also offer second-hand cycles at attractive prices! The Cadr67 will be able to provide you with information on these events.  
You can find a bike sale on the Solidarity village on 9 September on the University central campus  but you have to come early if you want to still find one (10am)!

Number marked on your bike
In order to fight against theft, all bicycles (purchased new or used) must be marked . A number is engraved on the frame of the bike, and a bike passport is given to the owner of the bike. In case of theft, the owner can report the theft of the bike to the police and to the FUB database.  
There is also a website that lists stolen bikes ... found waiting for their owner!

Maintenance and repair 
Small breakage or flat tyres? Tool stations and tyre inflation points are available throughout the city.   
If you want to acquire some notions of repair and be supported for small repairs in a friendly spirit, you will find self-repair workshops near you, such as A'Cro du Vélo,  Bretz'selle,  Le Stick, Vélostation, or the Schilyclette.
The Crous de Strasbourg also offers self-repair workshops for students.
Parking your bike properly
Make sure to always attach your bike with your padlock and if possible to a hoop or bike rack and to change it regularly, or even to store it in a secure space if you are not using it during a moment.
There are also bicycle parks accessible free of charge with the badgéo card

Stras'n'bike: in partnership with the Port Autonome de Strasbourg, Stras'N'Bike proposes on September 5th a fun and autonomous bike ride with the crossing of multiple companies and the discovery of the industrial and cultural heritage of the port area.
Expo du Vélo in Strasbourg: find on site, on September 25th and 26th, bike brands, shops, accessories, cycling clubs and associations, animations, repair workshops, exchanges, speakers, a test track... As well as a bar area and the food truck village.
Eucor Tour: this bike tour involves reaching each of the member universities of the Eucor - The European Campus network: Karlsruhe, Mulhouse, Basel, Freiburg, Strasbourg, in five days.
NL Contest: more than a simple roller/skate/BMX/scooter international competition, the NL contest has become a festival dedicated to urban cultures.

Entrepreneurship & bike
In Strasbourg, there is even a free program for micro-entrepreneurs, to facilitate professional use of the bicycle!  
Learn to ride a bike
If you are not comfortable on a bicycle? No worries, there are bike schools or initiations  
There are beautiful cycle routes that will allow you to discover the region in a fun or sporting way, such as the piste des forts
In Alsace, you will also find three euro bike routes

Riding safely

The Highway Code also applies to cycling. It is better to know and respect them for your safety too. In addition, failure to use proper lighting, riding on a pavement or holding your phone while riding are all considered offences, which can result in fines of up to €135!
Advice, traffic rules (signs, lanes and zones to be respected), amount of the fine per offence... more info

So choose your bike and go on an adventure!