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The highlights of career guidance 2023 in Strasbourg

The highlights of career guidance 2023 in Strasbourg

Useful links for information 

Noria: regional platform

The Noria platform offers immersion slots on campus, in university courses, in BTS, in BUT or in preparatory classes, information workshops and support for the transition to student life.

More information on their website here. 


Practical advice on how to find out about training courses, discover the professional world, find information centres near your home, etc. 

All the information on their site here.


The main dates to remember: 


University and post-bac training days: 

Organised by the University of Strasbourg on 12 and 13 January at the Wacken exhibition centre, they are dedicated to students looking high school students for their choice of study.
The Strasbourg loves its students team will be present on these two days to provide information on moving to Strasbourg and on the good things in student life.
More information here.

Open days: 

In March, higher education institutions organise their open days. 

The University of Strasbourg invites you on Saturday 4 March 2023. More information here.
All the dates of the schools are to be discovered via the link of the ONISEP. More information here.


The steps not to be missed on Parcoursup.

- Until 18 January: discover the courses offered
- from 18 January to 9 March: register and add your wishes
- from 10 March to 6 April: completing your file and confirming your wishes
- From June 1st to July 13th: main admission phase 

More information here.

The national portal for masters :

A new national website to apply for a Master 1 in 2023:

- from 1 February: discover the courses offered
- from 22 March to 18 April: submit applications
- from 24 April to 16 June: examination of applications
- from 23 June to 21 July: admission 
- from 24 April to 30 September: examination of applications and admission for sandwich courses.

Preparing your arrival in Strasbourg

Thanks to an open data cartography, it is possible to visualize the different student residences in Strasbourg, but also to see the trams, swimming pools, cultural places (etc) in the area.

Just go to the following page and open the 3D map to get the information. Click here.

And for more information on life in Strasbourg, please feel free to consult the different pages of our website. wink