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Top infos pour devenir un/e véritable cycliste à Strasbourg !

How to be a true cyclist in Strasbourg!


It's essential to find the right bicycle and you'd be surprised how easy this could be in Strasbourg with the various websites that offer a wide choice of used bikes. However, make sure to always double-check the credibility of such offers. A good option would be the Strasbourg bike markets which take place on a regular basis around town.  It would certainly be a good idea to come by the weeekend garage sales all around the Eurometropolis, too.

And here's another useful tip: invest in some quality gear to prevent bike theft.

Should you prefer an affordable long-term bike lease, opt for VELHOP. Do check out the mobile app BIKERR, introduced by a Strasbourg developer, in order to provide the perfect match for those who are on the lookout for bike leasing.


As to the maintenance of your bike, the possibly best thing you could do is often to do it yourself. However, this is sometimes way beyond our skills and resources. If you feel somewhere in the middle, though, you can count on the associations like Bretz'SelleVelostationA'cro du vélo or Stick, to give you a hand in this via self-repair workshops.

There are plenty of bike shops in Strasbourg where you can also have your bike repaired at a good price or reinflate it. Otherwise, if you need on-spot bike repair, Cyclofix mobile app offers you this flexible solution (student rates upon request).

Finally, if your bike is damaged, and you really need a coffee to unwind, you can also enjoy the first bike café in Strasbourg:  Le Maquis. Sipping your hot drink, while having your bike repaired is also on the menu in the Place d'Austerlitz café.


And here are some words of wisdom for all the bikers out there: wear a helmet and ensure your lights are working. Do not forget that you should ride with caution, observe the traffic rules and respect other road users. You have never ride a bike? No worries, CADR67 offers courses for all ages!

It is also advisable to have your bike marked by professionals, which will facilitate the search and the identification of your bicycle in the event of possible theft.

Finally, if you have already had (unfortunately) your bike stolen, spare a minute on this site which enlists the bicycles found in Strasbourg.


We KNOW you adore your bike, so think of sourcing it well. It is preferable to use a U-shaped padlock. To fix your bike at a fixed point such as bike rack (about 19 000 available in Strasbourg). Best tip: always lock your bike by the frame and the front wheel (the front wheel is easier to dismantle than the rear wheel).

If you want to park your bike in a safe place, you should know that there are many bike parks available to cyclists throughout Strasbourg. Where to find them: near the car parks and tram and bus stations, as well as in all railway stations of the Eurometropolis. The perfect solution in case you wish to combine several means of transport!


The bike paths are many and varied in Strasbourg, but if you want to take advantage of the 85 km encompass a vast diversity of the landscapes and the Franco-German heritage on both sides of the Rhine... then you should definitely go for "la piste des Forts" this magnificent and entertaining trail full of discoveries! There are also beautiful Eurovelo roads to get away.

What's more, thanks to the Stride - Bike Park Indoor in Strasbourg you can even practice mountain biking without even leaving the premises, which grants you a safe and accessible training regardless of the weather.



It is no surprise that in Strasbourg you will find plenty of exciting cycling events, organized all year round, such as the Bike Festival which will take place on 22th and 23th September 2017 this year, with a bike parade -  Be sure to mark it on your calendar !

NL Contest, Strasbourg's festival of urban cultures, which takes place in May at the Skate-Park of the Rotonde in Strasbourg is a unique event that allows you to see the best BMX champions.

Each year, the University of Strasbourg organizes a special Broc & Bike day, a solidarity flea market for students, where cycling advice and activities are provided (bike trails, cycling maps, bicycle repairs and marking). The place to be: campus center Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

The Eucor Tour returns every spring to delight cycling fans with the spectacular cycling tour for students, graduates and university representatives from the Upper Rhine which connects Karlsruhe to Fribourg, via Strasbourg, Basel and Mulhouse.


If you are a bicycle fan, and also like quality reading on the web, here are some great suggestions: Strasbourg Cycle Chic (photos) or I bike Strasbourg.


A documentary on the subject, that is absolutely worth your time, titled "Les pédaleurs" by Jérémie Gentais and Matthieu Leclerc, in collaboration with Sleak, Studio Meta and Alpaga, explores the relationship between cyclists and their bike and how bicycle culture has emerged in Strasbourg.

Furthermore, the headband Oxyl is a wonderful example that bicycles also inspire researchers and the startup Girls and boys on the bike  offers articles like the PantasticorJart'elle !

Now, you are ready to become a true biker in Strasbourg.

Just hop on your bike and voilà !