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Fan de festival à Strasbourg

Festivals in Strasbourg

How to enjoy festivals in Strasbourg (and its surroundings) ?


First of all, look for informations about where the event is taking place. It’s important to know when, where and how the festival is organised.

Is there a PMR access (people with reduce mobility) if you need one ? How’s the parking situation like ?

Even better, what are the bus/tram stations around the place ? Can I park my bike safely ?

Important questions you need to ask yourself before going anywhere. It’s an easy way to avoid confusion and last minute stress !

And don’t forget, la CTS et Vélhop are available to help smooth your transport journey in Strasbourg !


Then, better be safe than sorry ! Wherever the festival is taking place (Jardin des Deux Rives or in the middle of the city center), ask about what you can (or can’t) bring at the event. Website are usually the place to go to find those informations. Better know if your deodorant and water bottle are accepted inside or if you’d have to say goodbye without a warning.

Also, try to avoid to bring expensive items with you.

Finally, here’s a list of essentials to have an amazing moment in Strasbourg !

  1. Your tickets, without them the party will be a little short
  2. Cash money
  3. IDs
  4. Your cellphone, to capture memories !
  5. Earplugs, in case you want to spend some time next to the bass and enjoy the music to its fullest.
  6. SPF. We know the sun in Strasbourg is a bit shy, but it still hits pretty hard !
  7. Water ! A must have ! You have to stay hydrated.
  8. Comfy clothes


Where and when apply all those tips ?

Other events

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