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Student accommodation in Strasbourg

Student accommodation in Strasbourg

Finding your accommodation 
It is not always easy to find suitable accommodation, especially within your budget! To help you find your way around, whether you're looking for accommodation on your own or in a shared flat, in a university residence or in individual housing, you'll find some useful addresses and information here.
There is a good network of trams and CTS buses, as well as numerous cycle paths, which allow you to widen your search to places of residence throughout the Eurometropole of Strasbourg.

Beware of scams!
There are fraudulent ads or practices, so be careful never to give your address, bank details, employment contract, pay slip, etc. in advance.
- Don't leave a deposit before visiting the flat (don't send a money order, bank transfer or cheque...!!)
- Do not hesitate to report scams
- Have someone accompany you when you visit the accommodation

Temporary emergency accommodation
If all your searches have come to nothing and you are desperately looking for accommodation, you can use the temporary accommodation scheme set up by Afges. 


Good luck in your search and hope that you manage to find the accommodation of your dreams.